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The Academy offers a six-day course including a final exam to become a Certified Recruiter. During (and after) the course, you will become an even better and more efficient recruitment specialist than you already are! A true professional business partner, who is able to recruit efficient, consult better, advise team members and management and be an example for the industry. You will make a fully supported portfolio, in which you can lay out your talent and performances. After each lesson you will be able to put all your newly gained knowledge into practice, your clients, company and colleagues will benefit immediately! The Academy strives for educating recruitment professionals who want to accelerate and become a professional within the European standards.

What students are saying
“The program was key to build the needed confidence to convincingly and consistently position myself as a strategic discussion partner capable to offer innovative and practical recruitment solutions. As a bonus, I greatly enjoyed meeting new colleague recruiters and exchange dilemmas and insights." - Geertje Janssen

“Even with over 10 years of experience, I have learned many new things and found the inspiration and energy of the trainers fantastic. The trainers gave a lot of practical examples. After every class, I went home full of energy." - Mariëtte Brands

Certified Recruiter

Day 1 the foundation

Personal branding
Recruitment process & planning
Vacancy intake

Day 2 Job marketing – vacancy level

Building your Job marketing strategy on vacancy level
Targeted marketing – know where and when and what to post
Write the correct advertisement

Day 3 Search and attract

Boolean search
Best ways to approach
Top-10 telephone questions

Day 4 selection

ROCC STARR interview techniques

Day 5 e-commerce

Candidate experience
Online marketing

Day 6 employer branding

Become the employer of choice
Be who you are and translate this as
True, credible, relevant, distinctive and aspirational.

Day 7 DGFG &
“Portfolio exam”

Group one 2019 - starts 26th of April

day-1 Friday 26 April
day-2 Friday 3 May
day-3 Friday 10 May
day-4 Friday 17 May
day-5 Friday 24 May
day-6 Friday 31 May

Exam - Friday 5 July

Group two 2019 - starts 17th of May

day-1 Monday 17 May
day-2 Monday 24 May
day-3 Monday 31 May
day-4 Monday 7 June
day-5 Monday 14 June
day-6 Monday 21 June

Exam - Monday 29 July

Group three 2019 - starts 23th of August

day-1 Friday 23 August
day-2 Friday 30 August
day-3 Friday 6 September
day-4 Friday 13 September
day-5 Friday 20 September
day-6 Friday 27 September

Exam - Friday 8 November

Group four 2019 - starts 26th of August

day-1 Monday 26 august
day-2 Monday 2 September
day-3 Monday 9 September
day-4 Monday 16 September
day-5 Monday 23 September
day-6 Monday 30 September

Exam - Monday 4 November




Master classes

In-house training

All our in-house training are tailormade upon demand and request of the client; a full intake will take be required – Call for more information!

Video Recruitment

This masterclass is fascinating for anyone who wants to improve their core recruitment metrics of time-to-hire and quality-of-hire. Is your initial selection process still limited to text-based input in a CV, cover letter and application form? is the actual on-site job interview the first time for you and the hiring manager to meet candidates in real life? Learn from first hand experience how leading employers such as the EU, Metro Group and WPP use video interviews to assess candidates based on personality and speed up their hiring process. We show you the impact of personality on job performance, why structuring interviews helps create validity and how to create a fast, engaging candidate experience using video.

Big Data

A full day of understanding the value and use of big data in recruitment

Strategic recruitment

This Masterclass is designed for Recruitment Managers who want to have a better understanding how to implement recruitment into the company for long-term benefits and effects

Lean for Recruiters – greenbelt certificate

If you want to Learn more to become a real Lean recruiter, then our Greenbelt training for recruiters is the thing for you. This training will cover both the Lean cycle that you will go through when Lean is implemented in a new environment, as well as the continuous improvement cycle through daily stand-ups, problem-solving with A3 technology and value stream mapping. This training is intended for recruiters who want to work in a Lean organisation or who want to apply the Lean principles in their process of increasing customer value. This training is also suitable for anyone who wants to broaden his or her agile and six sigma knowledge and experience

Job marketing

Best job postings, find the right candidate!
Having difficulties finding the perfect candidate for your vacancy? We will make sure that your job advertisements always reach the right target audience.

Smart pages & market scans

For the hard to fill vacancies convincing candidates is just as important as finding them. Therefore we would like to introduce to you the Smart Pages. A landing-page where you present your job vacancy and your company in a visually attractive way using photo and video material. It’s smart because of its responsive design on mobile and because we can analyse the behaviour of all visitors, and to know who to reach with smart pages we have a great way of showing you how to use market scans. Before you start the actual search, it can be interesting to research the number of potential candidates in different geographical regions. The Market Scan gives you an overview of, and insight in, the total amount of potential candidates, their educational background, work experience and current location


We are committed to every student, willing to accelerate in its profession, to get the best out of themselves. So their company, clients, candidates, and customers can all benefit from our students newly gained knowledge by focusing on the following.

  • Working with the best authentic experts in the business
  • Working together with great partners
  • Believing in "sharing is caring" in a networking environment
  • Believing in a healthy work-life balance
  • Focusing on the good in people
  • Strongly convinced that recruitment is a skilled profession
  • Admitting mistakes and make them lessons learned
  • Evaluate our own performance and constantly strive for improvement
  • Sharing knowledge is the key – learn from others and yourself


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About Us

After being very successful in the Netherlands with the“ Hogeschool voor Recruitment”. A new initiative was born to share our recruitment knowledge globally. We genuinely believe that the rapid development in the recruitment market requires an even more professional approach to master and keep up to date with it. Therefore we started a European Academy for recruiters & Job marketeers to educate, train and develop them to become recruitment experts and serious business partners. We created a pragmatic content portfolio covering a wide area of subjects, taught by the best recruitment experts, trainers and partners in the market. We continuously strive for improvement and ways to recruit even smarter and more efficient.

Together with partners in the industry, we built a solid international school with the best experts of Europe.

The European Recruitment Academy gives you the change to accelerate, and outshine competitors, make you a real business partner from which clients, candidates and colleagues will benefit. And on top of it all, you will be certified European recruitment professional. The academy is designed by the best in the European business, with high sustainable track-records.

The European Recruitment academy is founded in 2015 due to the high demand for recruitment professionals with proven track records. The academy is for professionals who currently work in the field of recruitment and or Job marketing with at least two years of field experience who want to become more professional and up to date with the latest developments. There will be an intake before participating.
We are currently operating from 4 different countries, United Kingdom, Slovakia, the Netherlands and now also in Portugal. Combining our knowledge and talents. We have successfully educated over more than a 150 professionals, with various backgrounds in the field. From Recruitment managers, Talent Acquisition Managers, recruiters & Job marketeers. All our students have various backgrounds, governments, corporates and search & selection offices.

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